LED lamps, car led light bulbs: brake, tail lights, internal lighting

led light bulbsLED lamp is practically normal in appearance with a plurality of light LEDs therein and semiconductor chip on the substrate and the optical system.

LED car bulbs have a power of 30 W, 3600 lux illumination (comparable to xenon lamp) and the time of work up to 30 000 hours. As lower the LED lamp power, so worse it illuminates. Putting the cheap LED lamps in dipped beam or fog – is meaningless. LED lights, but do not light up. Do not think that cheap LEDs shine well.

One of the advantages of LED lamps, unlike xenon: they are not prohibited unlike pseudo-xenon lamps and self-made xenon.

Many motorists buy led light bulbs for tail lights or system DRL (daytime running lights), this task they cope very well. Not bad LEDs accustomed in tuning salon when conventional light bulbs are replaced to LED bulbs bright. LED lamps do not deceive ourselves and take the usual, even if they are equipped as standard with the car.

According to our tests it noted that the LED lights illuminate without adaptation worse than conventional halogen lamps. It does not apply to premium cars that have LED lights under equal conditions xenon light is better.